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Learn about Optimho solutions for communication systems and networks

All business processes are based on the transmission of information, whether they are structured processes supported by applications that exchange data, or unstructured processes in which the people who work together communicate through text, voice or video. For this reason, having a reliable, secure and flexible network and communication systems are essential for a good business development.

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The Optimho Communications business area, we provide you with the necessary solutions and services so that you can enjoy a secure, scalable and easy-to-manage network, and we help you achieve the convergence of all the elements of your basic infrastructure, reducing also the cost associated with your communications.


communications networks

At Optimho we can evaluate, design and implement networks and structured cabling according to the needs of our clients efficiently

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You can improve internal and external communications to keep your company or business growing.

Our projects offer complete solutions ranging from a panel to a user socket, based on copper and fiber optic products, which allow the user to operate with equipment from any manufacturer and guarantee the compatibility of the system with all current and future standards.

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Wiring is one of the main elements of the network. The medium must meet the Cat-5E world standard as a minimum to ensure its safety. It is beneficial that it is guaranteed by the manufacturer of the product and protocols, and must be installed by expert personnel.

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Backed by the best manufacturers, we offer a guarantee of your solutions of up to 5 years.

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To provide a global solution to your company's communications network, Optimho offers cabling infrastructure solutions at all levels:

  • Category 5E Solution

  • Category 6 Solution

  • Category 7 Solution

  • Multimode Fiber Optic Solution

  • Single-mode fiber optic solution

  • Campus wiring and industrial premises

  • Certification and wiring audit

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Closed Circuit TV (CCTV)

We also offer supply of cameras on request, such as mini domes of all types:

  • Economical, IR. Vandal-proof, etc.

  • Indoor and outdoor cameras with night vision for all kinds of distances.

  • Ideal high-speed, long-range dome for use in large sheds, large perimeters, etc.

  • Special wireless, hidden cameras, etc.

                          CCTV installations

From an economical solution for a small Company, to a Corporate IP CCTV installation, or a fully automated CCTV system for an Industrial process can benefit from our services.

We can carry out your entire project, update the existing one or just provide the maintenance of your CCTV system, we have high-tech measurement equipment to review the optimal operation of your security cameras.

The security camera system or "Closed Circuit Television" (CCTV) is controlled from a central DVR (PC or Stand Alone) dedicated exclusively to carrying out remote surveillance functions. In this station the images transmitted by the cameras, the recordings and the configurations can be observed and managed.

The cameras are color, weatherproof and night vision.

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