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electrical systems testing

Learn about Optimho solutions for testing on primary substation equipment

The primary teams are the teams responsible for transmitting, transforming, generating and distributing the energy that we occupy in Chile. These kits are manufactured worldwide and extensively tested by their manufacturers.

The reliability of these teams go through a well-commissioned and proven system. This is the only way to obtain the maximum benefits from investments. Optimho's technical experience with our clients guarantees our participation in important electrical infrastructure projects in terms of engineering, supplies, commissioning, equipment testing and commissioning of substation equipment.


commissioning and commissioning of primary equipment

At Optimho, we can support your company by attending to your engineering, specification, configuration, testing and commissioning services for High or Medium Voltage electrical systems.

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We can commission and test the following equipment:

  • Switches

  • Disconnectors

  • Power Transformers

  • Current Transformers (TTCC)

  • Potential Transformers (TTPP)

  • Lightning rod

  • Reactors

  • Wave Traps

  • Among others

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TYPES of tests

Our services will be executed with the use of top quality equipment. All equipment is calibrated and certified by the manufacturer.

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Below, we list some tests that run on computers:

  • Insulation resistance

  • Contact resistance

  • Breaker opening and closing times

  • Power factor

  • Saturation curves

  • Transformation relation

  • Measurement equipment polarity check

  • Among other

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