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Learn about Optimho solutions for control and protection systems

The control and protection systems include all the necessary equipment for the control and operation of the equipment that controls the opening, closing, voltage and / or current changes of the electrical substations. These teams collect all the yard signals for the supervision, control, measurement and protection of the transmission lines and the high-voltage equipment of the substation, such as transformers, bars, motors, generators and others.

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Optimho's technical experience with our clients guarantees our participation in important electrical infrastructure projects in terms of engineering, supplies, protection testing, automation systems and substation control.




At Optimho, we can support your company by attending to your engineering, specification, configuration, testing and commissioning service requirements for the systems of supervision, control, protection and measurement of your facilities. Our solutions are applied to transmitters, generators, distribution and large energy consumers.

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We have proven experience in the main brands in the market ( ABB, Siemens, General Electric (GE), Schweitzer (SEL), Schneider Electric, among others.

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The services we develop for this type of system are:

  • Conceptual, basic and detailed engineering

  • Supplies

  • Integration

  • Factory Testing

  • Transport

  • Mounting

  • Testing on Site

  • Commissioning

In other words, Optimho can deliver your system in a turnkey condition, where your concern will be focused on what interests you, its production, while we take care of carrying out the project and delivering it in perfect operation.

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SIPS, "System Integrity Protection Schemes", are distributed applications based on the exchange of information and control signals between substation IEDs located at different points in the system.

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At Optimho we can develop a series of intelligent systems, from the simplest, such as an EDAC to a more complex one, such as WAMS / PMU.

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Our knowledge and experience qualifies us to develop the following systems:

  • SCADA (Control and Data Acquisition System)

  • SIPS (System Integrity Protection Scheme)

  • EDACxBF (Low Frequency Automatic Load Disconnection Scheme)

  • EDACxCE (Scheme for Automatic Disconnection of Loads by Extreme Contingency)

  • ERAG / EDAG (Generation Regulation and / or Disconnection Scheme)

  • SITR (Real Time Information System)

  • PDCE (Defense Plan Against Extreme Contingencies)

  • WAMS (Large Area Monitoring System)

  • PMU (Phasor Measurement Units)

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